„All big things start small.“

“For the love of art. Passion becomes reality.”

We began experimenting with glass reinforced plastic, or GRP, many years ago, thrilled with the possibilities it offers for delicate yet robust designs. We dreamed of integrating the fascinating underwater world of aquariums into wave-like, curving sculptures to enhance their charm and raise them to the level of art.


In adapting this fibre-reinforced composite to the fabulous world of aquarists, we made a successful leap from simple aquarium to three-dimensional sculpture. We abandoned the customary, simple designs made of straight lines and rectangles. Now, we opt for curved forms that lend a stately and peaceful atmosphere to any room.


After several years of development work, we are convinced that this combination of manual craftsmanship, experience and great love of detail offers you an end result that is unparalleled and unique.

“People only come to love what they know. And what they know, they defend.”


As a trained sculptor, Valentin early on found through the acquaintance with a fascinating old man in the imaginative world of aquaristics. But the rather monotonous glass facade of common aquariums bored him after a while


After gaining initial experience in glass fiber reinforced plastics in his youth in automotive refinement, he came up with the idea of using this material to take aquariums to a new, unprecedented artistic level.


The passionate attempt to breathe life into this thought model brought him back together with his old childhood friend David Nimke. At that time he was currently recovering from health problems and business setbacks. But none of that stopped him from supporting his friend's fantastic idea with all his power.

The first small prototype of our aquariums still adorns the meeting room of our main office today.


Enthusiastically, the two embarked on a stony path, which soon brought them to the limits of their financial capacity and forced them to seek external support. Which did not take long to emerge, but unfortunately headed for a direction with which one could not make friends. For this reason, the paths parted again, which is why the company ultimately lacked financial resources once more.


Potential new investors and financiers were found quickly, but the price they would have had to pay for this help was too high. They had learned that lesson. The soul of ZeeLuxx shouldn´t perish in the eagerness of commercialization. They wanted to remain independent, to implement the idea in the best of knowledge and according to their own thoughts and values.


Therefore, it was decided to temporarily pursue the planned project only on the side, in order to simultaneously build a secure foundation for the future. This gave us as a company not only the opportunity to mature technically but also conceptually and to expand our team accordingly.


In 2017, it was time. With a hopeful kiss, we brought our sleeping muse back to life.

"In harmony with nature, the intact society beats."


Conservation and sustainability in dealing with the environment are always the focus of our attention and will under no circumstances be neglected.


We work with aquascaping experts to create themed aquaristic compositions that reproduce the Amazon, Lake Malawi, the Great Barrier Reef, or the magical oceans of the Far East, and draw the admiring gaze of entranced onlookers.


We pour our heart and soul into what we do, which is why ZeeLuxx is synonymous with the two goals we set ourselves from the start:


Quality and exclusivity.

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