“When you have a dream, you shouldn't have to compromise."

“The light guides, the colours fill the space.”

“Design is what allows the product to express itself.”


“A wish is only a wish until you let it become a reality”


ZeeLuxx Aquariums

"We make an aquarium beyond your wildest imagination"

With our aquariums, we’ve abandoned the customary, simple designs made of straight lines and rectangles. Instead, we’ve opted for curved forms that lend a stately and peaceful atmosphere to any room.



These exclusive objects can be looked at from every angle and draw the admiring gaze of entranced onlookers.



From the control of mobile devices to innovative aquarium technology right through to prestigious finishing touches, we fulfill your every wish and create an exclusive, holistic design.



“The aquarium of your dreams – we set no limits.”

Tell us how you see your aquarium, or give us an idea to work on, and our creative journey begins.


We are insatiably curious, constantly seeking the limits of what is possible and feasible. For you, we combine design and nature and play with impressions and emotions, producing the very best effects in our hand-crafted aquaria.


We also integrate your personal wishes for the technical options right from the design stage.



„Attention! - Artworks are not mass-produced"

Each of our aquariums is made by hand and, like an oil painting, can not exist a second time in its perfect, unique form in this way.


  Of course, the exclusive production of such unique items takes more time, which is why our annual order capacity is very limited.


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Just ask us, the ZeeLuxx team, and let us turn your dream of a luxury aquarium that gives the illusion of far-away places into a reality in your own interior.

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We create aquariums beyond your imagination.


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